Un gran espacio capaz de acoger a 6-8 personas acampando cómodamente
Tipis 6 mts TipiWakan (2)Vista interior de tipi de 6 mtsTipi de 6 mts de diámetro, vivienda pórtatil completamente nómada!

6 mts complete Tepee

2,050 TAX no inc.

Condition: New brand

Size: 6 mts diameter – 27,5mts2.

Aviability: About 2 weeks.

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Product Description

Also known as tipi or teepee.

With nearly 28 sqm, this size is great for families, including their personal stuffs. A beautiful natural home in Nature, very resistant to the all year weather. Specialy recommended as a portable temporary home as well as room for activities, stand at events among many other uses!

Our tepees are built by ourselves  100% handmade with high quality materials. Each tepee is unique! We can customize some details, please, contact us  for more information.

Our Tipi for sale – 6 mts Complete Tepee includes:



We make our covers with very resistant thick canvas with waterproof, fireproof anti-mildew treatment.

Our covers also include set up accesories (lacing pins, stakes, ropes, door, wooden door poles and carrying bag) 




Set of 17 tepee poles, 7,5 mt long mínimum, peeled and totally straight.

100% natural wood “PEFC” sustainable production.




Made it with high quality canvas, waterproof, anti-mildew and fireproof treated.

Thinner than canvas cover, however very resistant.

Includes set up accesories (pins, ropes and carrying bag)



You can include the following extras:


Rain accessories

Wooden floor

Tepee paint

Transport and set up service


fuego tipiHow to confirm an orderfuego tipi

1) Contact us by  email or phone

+34 972 17 80 53 or +34 699 049 521.

Describe your order, contact information (include your name, telephone, email and shipping address) and other specifications that you consider important.

2) We will contact you back very soon with a full quotation, describing possible date of delivery and the steps to confirm your order.

Important Information

Normally we produce the 6 mts tepees within 15 days. Sometimes we have 6 mts tepees in stock, brand new or second hand. Please check for availability.

– We include with all our tepees a complete setting up guide with pictures and instructions step by step to set up the tipi by yourself.

– If you buy one of our tepees and you are an european intra-comunitary operator you dont need to add the 21% of local taxes.


Tipis 6 mts TipiWakan (6)

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