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Special Yurt Promo (extra discount)

100 TAX no inc.

Until 10 November 2019 we offer a special discount of € 100 + VAT (over the web prices) in all new Yurts for sale of 5 and 6 Walls in stock. Yurt traditional model and Panoramic.

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Promo Yurts:

Until 11/10/2019 we offer a discount of € 100+ VAT (on web prices) in new Yurts for sale of 5 and 6 Walls. Yurt traditional and panoramic model in stock.

(Offer NOT valid for under request or second-hand model Yurts)



This promotion is valid from 10/10/2019 until 11/10/2019 for all confirmed new yurts of 5 and 6 walls, in stock traditional model or panoramic.

The Yurts in stock are with immediate delivery, color according to availability.

We can deliver at home (with a price supplement) and include setting up instructions.

Take the opportunity to confirm your high quality mongol Yurt at discounted price!

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Yurt Panoramic

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