A place to live in…a nomadic ancestral shelter, natural, comfortable and full of charm!


The Tipi or Tepee is the traditional dwelling of the north american tribes of the Great Prairies.

Is an original, very practical and cozy space, at any time of the year.


boton-tipiSustainable: As a Tepee dont need for foundation and is constructed with natural materials does not generate negative impacts on the planet. Thanks to its design and materials, is a harmonious habitat for its dwellers.

boton-tipiResistant: The traditional design, careful construction and quality materials make our Tepees very resistant.

boton-tipiSuitable for the whole year: It has a natural ventilation system. Also in summer if the sides are raised, it is also more fresh. With a fire inside is easy to warm up in winter and creates a magical atmosphere that will captivate you!

boton-tipiCompletely portable! As a good traditional nomadic home, the Tepee is easy to dismantle, transport and set up in a new place.

boton-tipiDurable: With a proper setting up and good cares (and depending on the weather) the lifetime of a Tepee could exceed the seven years mounted at all times … and possibly much more!

Some uses:

As an alternative home in Nature,  acommodation for touristic projects, for events, as extra room in the garden, to celebrate ceremonies, meetings around the fire and other special activities in Nature.

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Characteristics of our Tepees:

>> We make the Tepees by ourselves 100% handmade. We have more than 13 years of  experience.

>> Authentic design and durable Tepees constructed with high quality materials.

>> Customized Tepees.

>> Variety of sizes, accesories and extras.

>> Artistic paint is available.

>> Transport and setting up service (we include a complete guide to set up the Tepee by your own easily)

We make discount per quantity

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