Traditional nomadic round houses constructed with natural materials. Cozy, handy and durable.


The Yurt or Ger is the original nomadic home from the Mongolia´s steppe shepards.

Is a comfortable,  practical, unexpensive and resistant structure, with a lot of charm!


boton-tipiSustainable: With no need for foundation and constructed with natural materials does not generate negative impacts on the planet. Its circular shape and materials make it a harmonious habitat for its dwellers.

boton-tipiResistant: The aerodynamic design protects Yurt from strong winds, the double waterproof layer protects from rain, and thanks to the traditional isolation felt is easy to keep good temperature over the winter and summer.

boton-tipiCompletely portable! The Yurt was designed to be disassembled into parts and transported easily to turn to quickly assemble in a new place.

boton-tipiDurable: With proper installation and care, and depending on weather, its lifetime exceeds 10 years..and more!

Some uses:

Recommended as a nomadic home, touristic acommodation,  studio in Nature,  special activity room and many other uses.

Characteristics of our Yurts:

We offer authentic Yurts, handmade constructed by artisan masters from Mongolia with ancestral technics and generations of experience.

After our research and years of experience, we adapted 100% the Yurts to european weather, so we can guarantee the good working of the structure against to wind, snow, rain and others.


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>> High quality Yurts.

>> Variety of sizes and extras (accesories as: windows, curtains, wooden floors and more!)

>> Available parts.

>> Transport and setting up service (we also include a complete guide to set up the Yurt by your own easily)

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