-We have Teepees, Yurts and other structures available that may fit your needs.

-The structures can be installed almost anywhere.

-Rentals to individuals and events.

-All our projects are customized.

-We can travel all over Spain and Europe.

-Rentals by weekend, week or fortnight.


The structures


A simple construction with great functionality, thanks to its design and natural materials create a very cozy atmosphere.

Our tepees are handmade  with high quality certified materials and are suitable for all kinds of events.

In summer if sides are raised,  it comes airy, in winter, with a small fire inside maintain a very good temperature.


Tepees 3,5 mts

This are the smallest size.

Ideal for kids birthday parties, decorations, and also for camping.

In this size sleep a couple and fit 4 adults to sit.




Tepees 5,5 mts

Our 5,5 mts diameter tepee with 25 sqm offers a good amount of space to host 6 adults  sleeping and 15 people seated.

In an outdoor event, with some 5,5 mts teepees, is possible to create a very attractive area as chill out area, activities rooms, craft shops, are just few possible examples…



Tepees 7 mts

Our 7 mts diameter tepee with almost 40 sqm is able to accommodate more than 10 adults camping and more than 25 seated at a meeting.

A large functional space for multiple activities. For example, to create nurseries, food stands, chill out area, special activity room and more!



Tepee 10 mts

With 10 meters in diameter and 80 sqm this is an impressive and unique space!

Weddings, parties and other special celebrations can be hold in this magical lodge that is able to host more than 20-25 adults camping and 50-60 seated at a meeting.




Nomadic circular dwelling constructed in traditional way with natural materials and beautiful decorations.

Is very practical and original, in events works as shelters that can be used for multiple purposes.


Yurt 5 Walls

Our 5 Walls Yurt have 6 mts diameter and 27,5 sqm.

We can set up this Yurt size to create an activity room as it offers a safe and nice space capable of accommodate more than 15 people at a meeting.




Yurt 6 Walls

Have 35 sqm. More spacious and higher than the the 5 Walls Yurt, we recommend the 6 Walls Yurt as a big activity room or for group accommodation.

Thanks to its design and size, is practical for all kinds of activities that require generous space.




Yurt 7 Walls

The measurements: 8 mts de diameter y 50 sqm.

The bigger of our Yurts for rent!

Perfect to create a large luxury room for activities, weddings, meetings. Also as bar, teashop, restaurant and many more uses!



We also have other structures for rent:



A big ancient natural shelter, which is able to accommodate more than 100 people!

Ideal as a temporary structure for group activities, common services areas in events, as bar / restaurant and more!

Easy transport and set up.




Adaptables to any shape, blend perfectly with any environment providing a large covered space.

Our Bedouin tents have 430 m2 and 55 m2.

Recommended for outdoor events that requires a large protected area from wind, sun and rain.





tienda estrella 1 - copiaStar tent

Our practical natural tents offers a comfortable space for 2 or 5 adults.

Recommended for outdoor events that require an accommodation option.

Easy to transport and set up/down are a functional and economical choice.





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