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Our teepees are made entirely by hand, with great care and attention to the details, each teepee is unique!
We reinforce all our teepees in key areas, and we use only good quality woods and treated canvas that increase their resistance to the elements.
We offer you a guarantee for the entire manufactured during life teepee, that means that we take care of the repair costs of any possible damage related to the production of the textiles.
We deliver a setting up dossier with each teepee and we are always available to provide you our experienced advice.
As it is a natural material exposed into the nature, the duration of a teepee depends, among other things, on the variable weather conditions and the care taken by its owner … Therefore, it is not possible to determine a precise useful life time.
However, we can assure you that many of our teepees remain permanently setted up in good condition for more than 7 years without excessive care. If the teepee is setted down when is not in use, and it is maintained according to its climate and it is stored in good conditions, this estimated range of duration can be doubled… and even more!
We can guarantee by writing the composition and treatments of all the materials that we offer.

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