Complete 5 Walls Yurt

5.800 IVA no inc.

Condition: Brand new.

Size: 6 mts diameter.

Availability: In Stock / Under request.

Complete 5 Walls Yurt. Medium size yurt, a very spacious is suitable as a home in Nature for 1 or 2 people, extra room for 6 people or as glamping, activity room and many more uses possible!

Traditional Mongolian yurt is specially reinforced, treated and adapted to the european weather.






– In our yurts in stock you can choose the base color of the wood from the available colors al disposition.

In customed yurts you can choose:

– Wood without paint natural color (varnished)

– Wood painted with traditional designs (base color at your choice)



The wooden components are made of larch or pine wood with a special drying treatment.


DOORS: An exterior solid leaf and an interior window door that allow visibility and greater entry of light.

We deliver you the doors with extra varnish!



CENTRAL RING: It is the central circle of the roof, which unifies the entire yurt. Traditionally, the 4 front windows of the ring remain uncovered, while the other 4 windows are covered by the hat. We include 8 frames for the windows, one of them with a chimney flue, other with glass (in the new yurts)
We offer the central ring with extra varnish!



PILLARS: In a medium yurt are the two central columns that support the ring, giving to the structure resistance and stability. As bigger as will be the yurt, more number of pillars will have.



POLES: The poles are cutted and carved in a precise way to connect the center ring with the walls. As larger the yurt will be the rafters will be more in number and longers.
We offer two extra poles with each yurt!  



WALLS: Wooden extensible net in sections that are joined to create the walls. Each section was cutted and steam curved to give shape so the wood is flexible but resistant.





The textile elements of the yurt are very important, as they ensure the insulation and the impermeability of the structure.


INNER CANVAS: It is the first layer, a white cotton cover that is installed over the walls /roof, a backdrop that contributes to get a feeling of light in the yurt, and at the same time that prevents the entry of free felt fibers into the interior.



INSULATING FELT: In pieces that cover the roof and walls with 100% washed and treated wool of excellent quality. Its function is to isolate and regulate the temperature and humidity inside the yurt. 2,1 mm width (in new yurt).



OUTSIDE COVER: This is the exterior, waterproof canvas cover decorated with traditional designs. It offers good resistance to the weather and gives to the yurt a natural look. Include reinforcements for the wind and an extra flap on the door!



HAT: The piece of canvas that cover the ring when is needed, filled with felt to contribute to isolate the outside face is of waterproof canvas to keep just dry. It can be puted on and taked off by choice to protect the interior from sun, rain, ventilate, see the sky or allow the chimney flue exit.
We offer our yurts with and extra large hat!



BOTTOOMS (RAYARTCH): This is a strip of decorated waterproof synthetic canvas, which is placed as an exterior skirt at the bottom of the yurt, the objective is to avoid that splashing water enters into the yurt. It is easily washable.



ROPES: Our yurts include natural horsehair ropes braided by nomadic families.



EXTRA MEMBRANE: It always keeps the felt dry avoiding its contact with humidity in rainy seasons. On roof and walls.
Included in our complete yurts!  





You can add to the yurt:

EXTRA WINDOWS  (Panoramic)







Panoramic window (per unit) that will add even more light and a wide exterior view to enjoy the landscape. You can choose the position of the window.



Decorative curtain that covers the interior face of the walls decorated with traditional designs.



You can add an extra door and choose its position.
Exterior single-leaf door or also a double-leaf door, with inner leaf with glass. Color is up at your choice.




Joining two or more yurts will allow you to have an additional in space to create a kitchen, bathroom, etc, you can connect even yurts of different sizes …



For those who live in extreme climates or simply prefer to have an additional wool felt layer. On the ceiling and walls, 2,1 cm thick 100% washed wool.



Flandes wood platform treated with salt made of tongue and groove boards.Durable floors even in extreme locations. They can absorb a large amount of water, always keeping their character of dry material.



We offer you authentic traditional Mongolian furniture for Yurts. They are resistant, practical and decorated with very beautiful designs. 



You can pick up the Yurt in our warehouse. All our structures include a complete setting up dossier with step-by-step photographs, so that you can install it by your own. Or we can offer shipping, or even transportation and set up service. Ask us for a detailed budget and information to your place.




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nudo tribal

How to confirm an order?

1) Please contact us via email or calling 972178566 or 699049521.

Describe your order, contact information (including name, telephone, email and shipping address) and other specifications that you consider important.

2) We will respond to you very soon with a complete budget that includes a quote for the products and services requested, possible delivery date and data to make the confirmation.



Important information

– Normally we have new yurts in stock ready to be shipped. Anyway, please consult for size and characteristics availability!

– All our structures include a complete set up dossier with step-by-step photographs, so you can install it on your own.

-If you buy a yurt at TipiWakan, and you live in a european country other than Spain and you are registered as an intra-community operator (with a validated tax number), you are exempt from paying 21% VAT.

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Complete 5 Walls Yurt

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    Complete 5 Walls Yurt

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